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Welcome to the Firstlight Management Corporation (FMC) web

Firstlight Management is a New York based telecommunication
expense management and consulting firm.

With a portfolio of more than 50 major telecom providers and
vendors, we can offer the most comprehensive and
cost-effective choice for your organization.

The ability to provide a tailored solution, along with personalized
services and optional monthly account maintenance, sets us
apart from the competition.

Per July 2012, Firstlight Management is moving forward
as Firstlight Consulting Group.

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Our goal is to simplify telecommunication for your business. We will take
out the confusion, misrepresentation, excessive billing and sub par
Customer Service and replace them with the best possible rates and
round the clock Customer Care.

We will implement the right plan that fits your need and the connectivity
that suits your network. We will monitor your billing, manage trouble
tickets and ensure uninterrupted service. Your job is to run your business
and our job is to make sure that telecom does not take you away from
your business.

As a customer, you can contact us anytime with any questions or
concerns you might have about your phone or Internet services.  We will
coordinate ordering and installing new circuits. We fully manage existing
services including repair issues, billing errors, technician dispatch and
vendor coordination.

Among hundreds of different carriers in the marketplace, Firstlight
Management only works with a handful of providers that deliver
completely reliable service. It is of utmost importance that the carriers we
represent are all customer oriented. They should answer to you, not to
their shareholders or anyone else. Because, let's face it, at the end of the
day, if you are not happy, no one is making money.
FMC is a proud TCA member.